Darco Southern Tetraglas Cloth Tape Rope Catalog


Catalog Update January 2016. Available in PDF Download and Issuu only.

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Tetraglas Cloth
Tetraglas 3000

Specialty Products (Tetraglas premium Fiberglass)
Tetraglas 3000 Blanket
HH-P-31 F TY1, CL1
Tetraglas Needled Blanket
Tetraglas 3000 Kneeling Pads
Welding Blankets and Curtains
Plumber Pads

Tape (Tetraglas premium Fiberglass)
Tetraglas Tape
Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape
Tetraglas 3000 Slit Tape .090 Thick
Tetraglas 3000 Folded and Stitched Tape
Tetraglas 3000 Woven Tape

Rope (Tetraglas Premium Fiberglass)
Knitted Tetraglas Rope
Twisted Tetraglas Rope
Tetraglas Square Dry Packing
Tetraglas 3000 Knitted Twisted Square braided Rope

Tubing (Tetraglas premium Fiberglass)
Braided Tetraglas Tubing
Tetraglas 3000 Braided Tubing
Silicone Coated Tetraglas Tubing

No Wire Tetraglas-T 500
Wire Insterted Tetraglas-T 500
Wire Inserted Tetraglas-T Handhole Gaskets
Wire Inserted Tetraglas T ManHole Gaskets
Tadpole Gaskets
Darpac Gaskets – Boiler Replacement Gaskets

Tadpole Tape
Wire Inserted, Folded Tape, Wire Inserted Luting and Groove Packing, Dry Stitched Tadpole Tape, Inconel Mesh Core, Ptfe Impregnated Tetraglas Tadpole Tape with Rope Core, PTFE Impregnated Tetraglas Tadpole Tape with Inconel Mesh Core, Vermiculite coated Dry Stitched Tape with Rope Core, Vermiculite Coated Tetraglas Dry Stitched Tadpole Tape with Inconel Mesh Core, Tetraglas 3000 rope core

Gaskets (Compare PTFE to Teflon (r) Dupont)
Solide PTFE Gaskets 150 LB ring series
Solid PTFE Gaskets 150 LB Full Face Series
Expanded PTFE Gaskets Ring Series
Full Face Style Series, Envelope Gaskets, 110D, 115D, 100-BDB Oval, 110-B, 115-B, 110-BDB, 100 BDB, 115-B, Tank Truck Valve Gaskets, 115 Machined Glass Pipe Gaskets, PTFE Envelopes, Filler only for PTFE envelopes, 110-N, 115-N.

Sheet Packing Materials
Compressed Sheet, Tetragraph, Tetrablue, Cork and Rubber Sheet, Vegetable or Cork Fiber Sheet, Expanded PTFE Sheet, Solid PTFE Sheet – Virgin, Solid PTFE Sheet – Mechanical, Flange Gaskets 125-150 lb pipe flange gasket, 250-300 LB Pipe Flange Gaskets

Compression Packing
No. 1600 Twisted Non-Asbestos Valve Stem Packing, 1620 Square Braided Non-Asbestos Pump Packing, 1650, 640 Flax Packing, 660 Teflon Filament Packing, 670 Kevlar Pump Packing, 681 Graphite Packing, 690 Special Braid Filament with Encapsulated Graphite, 710 Teflon Filament Gasket Tape


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