Action Coupling Catalog – Fire Hose Adapters

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Catalog Update June 2016. Available in PDF Download, Printed Version and Issuu.

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Light Weight Extruded Fire Hose Couplings
Municipal and Industrial A+ Series
Forestry External Lug
Rack Hose
Heavy Duty Brass
Hard Suction
Expansion Ring
Field Attachable
Booster Hose Coupling
CamLock Coupling
LightWeight Adapters
AA Series LightWeight Adapters
Cam Lock Adapters
In-Line Tee
Water Curtain
Guages and Caps/Plugs
Line Gauge
Protected Line Gauge
Cap Gauge
Two Part Cap
Solid One Piece Cap
One Piece Plugs
Storz Equipment
Storz Expansion Ring Couplings
Storz Conversion Elbows
Storz Spanners
Metal Face Stroz Adapters
Storz Cap
Storz Field Attachabloe Couplings
Self Locking Storz Couplings
Dry Hydrant Systems and Strainers
Dry Hydrant Systems
Countinuous swivel dry hydrant
Low Level strainer
Heavy duty debris barrle strainer
Basket strainer/defuster
Sight Glass
Power Jet Siphon
Parts and Accessories
Mounting plates
Ring Extractor
Combination Holder Set
Folding Spanner Wrench
Triple Holder Set Gaskets
Expansion Rings
Bearings and plugs
Hose Mender
Simple Action Y
Action Manifold
Bear Claw Manifold
Hydrant Gate Valve
Gated WYE Valve
Single Jacket Hose Clamp
The Green Machine


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